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Elevating travel experiences: Glue partners with Viator to deliver innovative design solutions

Birmingham, UK – Glue, the innovative digital product design studio, is excited to introduce its collaboration with Viator, a prominent player in the travel and tourism sector. This partnership highlights Glue's commitment to creating impactful design solutions that enhance user experiences and contribute to the travel industry. As these two industry leaders come together, this alliance reflects Glue's dedication to crafting digital experiences that deeply connect with users and enhance the travel exploration experience.

Engagement scope

The forthcoming engagement will encompass a comprehensive range of design initiatives, with a focus on the following pivotal aspects:

  • Enhancing User Journey: through meticulous analysis and strategic design decisions, Glue aims to optimise the user journey, ensuring that every interaction with the platform becomes seamless and engaging.
  • Revamping User Interface: leveraging Glue's design expertise, the user interface will be revamped to align with Viator's brand identity, ensuring it remains visually appealing and intuitive for users.

"We're thrilled to join forces with Viator on this transformative journey. Partnering with a travel industry leader aligns with our passion for impactful digital experiences," said Billy Clarke, Managing Director and Founder of Glue. "Together, we're set to craft design solutions that elevate interactions and redefine how travellers experience the world."

About Viator

Viator, a subsidiary of Tripadvisor, is a global leader in travel experiences, offering a wide range of activities and tours. With a user-friendly platform, Viator connects travellers to curated adventures worldwide. Their commitment to quality experiences has established them as a trusted name in the travel industry. Explore Viator's offerings on their official website for inspiring travel opportunities.

About Glue

Glue is a distinguished digital product design studio celebrated for its innovative approach to crafting transformative user experiences. With a passion for enhancing digital interactions, Glue collaborates with forward-thinking partners to design and implement solutions that resonate with users and drive impactful outcomes.

To explore the depth of this project and Glue's design capabilities, visit the complete project portfolio at Glue's Official Website

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