Get started with an Engagement Workshop

Validating a problem space or an opportunity is a critical first stage of engagement. Our Engagement Workshop is purposefully designed to discover, challenge, and authenticate a business case for action.

  • Picture of the Glue design and strategy team running an in-person Identification sprint workshop with a client
  • In the foreground a man is on his laptop. The screen behind him shows 5 participants on a product call.

A low-level, initial engagement activity to validate and align commercial objectives and outcomes โ€“ ensuring any further engagement is considered and justified.

Benefits of:

Low-level initial engagement and commitment
Established probing and discovery techniques
Identifies friction points, gaps, obstacles, and opportunities
Independent perspective and constructive challenge
Validates a business case for further investment
Aligns stakeholders and teams to commercial objectives
Sets expectations and engagement frameworks
Outlines Heads of Terms and Scope of Works
Aligns values, cultural, and environmental fit

Cost of not:

Committing with assumption-based decisions
Unidentified opportunities and missed big-growth levers
Undisclosed friction points and problem spaces
Extended timelines due to learn, churn, and pivot approach
Over expenditure with trial-and-error strategies
Inconsistent UX, CX and PX experiences
Unqualified priorities and presumed goals
Limited to internal factors without independent challenge.
Unqualified outcomes and ROI

Key methods:

Interrogate existing business intelligence through in-depth data extraction and analysis
Industry analysis, market trends identification, and customer expectation mapping
Analytical benchmarking and hypothesis mapping for ROI identification
Probing techniques, card sorting, proposition, and opportunity profiling
SMART goals, objective setting, dependency mapping, and hypothesis Backlog creation

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