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Leanne Morrissey - Client Services Manager @ Glue
Leanne Morrissey
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Eque2 partners with Glue to enhance user experience on key software platforms

Birmingham, UK – Glue, a renowned digital product design studio, has entered into a strategic partnership with Eque2, a prominent provider of business management/ERP software for the construction, contracting, and house-building sectors in the UK. The goal of this collaboration is to enhance user experiences on Eque2's important platforms, Construct Cloud and EVision. Glue's objective is to facilitate smoother interactions and user-centric design, aligning with Eque2's dedication to delivering advanced solutions to its clients.

Engagement scope

The scope of the partnership encompasses two core objectives.

  • Construct Cloud; Glue will work to address and enhance areas of the user interface that require improvement. The overarching goal is to create a more intuitive and user-friendly experience for clients, fostering efficiency and ease of use.
  • EVision platform; where the focus will be on optimising workflows and functionalities essential to the house-building sector. This effort aims to facilitate a seamless transition for users migrating from Housebuilding to EVision. The aim is to alleviate user pain points, streamline processes, and ensure a superior experience for both existing EVision customers and migrating Housebuilding users.

"This collaboration presents a remarkable opportunity to fuse innovation with industry-specific expertise," stated Leanne Morrissey, Client Services Manager at Glue. "Our approach revolves around understanding user needs and integrating design solutions that enhance interactions, boost efficiency, and redefine software experiences."

About Eque2

Eque2 is a renowned provider of business management/ERP software dedicated to serving the construction, contracting, and house-building industries in the UK. With a commitment to excellence and innovation, Eque2 empowers businesses with cutting-edge software solutions that drive growth and productivity.


About Glue

Glue is a distinguished digital product design studio celebrated for its innovative approach to crafting transformative user experiences. With a passion for enhancing digital interactions, Glue collaborates with forward-thinking partners to design and implement solutions that resonate with users and drive impactful outcomes.

To explore the depth of this project and Glue's design capabilities, visit the complete project portfolio at Glue's Official Website


For inquiries, collaborations, or to embark on a journey of digital innovation, please reach out to leanne@weareglue.studio.

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