In an era of rapid change and evolving markets, the emergence of disruptive technologies, regulatory factors, and heightened customer expectations have created unprecedented challenges across the value chain for Utilities firms.

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In response, adopting digital ways of working can be a key agent for change and accelerate digital transformation, helping organisations to become more agile, deliver standout customer experiences, and improve operational performance and efficiency.

As a leader in Digital Research and Validation working across a range of sectors, Glue has developed delivery frameworks designed to empower organisations and individual teams by providing robust delivery models that build process-oriented, data-back validation and delivery practices conducive to digital transformation.

Accelerate digital transformation
Encourage cultural change
Identify new revenue streams
Enable a customer-centric approach
Develop agile practices
Adapt to changing marketing dynamics

Our frameworks and tools are designed to deliver operational excellence by supporting and empowering internal teams to deliver with consistency and predictability.

Our data-led approach and comprehensive frameworks help address some of your most pressing challenges, from using insights to support your decision making through to fine tuning operational principles that encourage innovation and contribute to long-term success. 

How might we adopt a data-driven approach?
How might we transition to a customer-centric?
How might we provide a personalised customer digital experience?
How might we use data more effectively?
How might we embrace new technologies?

Case Study

Hastings Direct is a multi-award-winning business and one of the UK's leading insurance providers. Established in 1997 and built on legacy systems, digital transformation became a key focus of their forward-looking strategy.

Our objectives were to enhance conversion for their new business acquisition journey from price comparison websites, improve income per policy through ancillary sales, support the launch of their Multi Car digital proposition online, and revamp the mobile app to further solidify their position in the digital insurance market.

An image showing the screen that is shown when you click on an insurance quote on a comparison website and are being transferred to the Hastings website.
An image showing the screen that is shown when you click on an insurance quote on a comparison website and are being transferred to the Hastings website.

By embracing cutting-edge technologies such as AI, blockchain, and IoT, utility companies can optimise their operations, enhance grid resilience, and empower customers to take control of their energy usage.

Customer Satisfaction
Customer engagement
Energy usage
Billing accuracy
Cost to serve
Revenue Growth

Case Study

Working in partnership with Wapp and parent company, Staysure we laid a foundation of strategic understanding and alignment, highligthing previously untapped opportunities and identifying emerging trends to drive Wapp's competitive edge.

Building on these insights, we crafted an Innovation Roadmap aligned with Wapp's unique vision. Combined with a thorough Opportunity Assessment, we pinpointed high-growth levers to fast-track Wapp's commercial gains, deploying data-driven decision-making to set a strong foundation for future innovation, positioning Wapp as a leader in the travel insurance industry.

• Identified 153 aligned trends

• Innovation Roadmap aligned to objectives

• Completed in 10 days

Picture of travellers outdoor using the Wapp travel mobile app insurance service designed by Glue

In today's uncertain times the future of the utilities industry is powered by digital transformation, leading to a smarter, cleaner, and more efficient energy landscape.