Training & Workshops

Equipping teams with frameworks and tools is only part of the equation. True empowerment goes beyond traditional training; it's about creating engaging learning experiences that align and motivate teams to commercial objectives.

  • Image showing Glue conducting a workshop with a Miro board on screen
  • Image showing Head of Product Design on a video call with a client

Our Training &
Workshop capabilities:


Methods of identifying skills and process gaps within team structures that is critical to sustained delivery.


Analysing root causes, ensuring corrective measures for underlying issues are addressed.


Built-in ability and protocol to prioritise backlogs that align with commercial objectives.


Empowering wider teams to collectively and constructively contribute to strategy and delivery planning.


Convey essential concepts in an engaging and interactive way, ensuring practical application in day-to-day operations.


Emphasising a positive, proactive, and data-driven culture within teams through engaging methodologies.

By focusing on essential skills and principles, we empower teams, add capacity, align objectives, improve resource utilisation, and foster a culture of data-driven excellence.

Empower your teams with agile and standardised practices with predictable and repeatable business processes.

Business Process Improvement

Visualisation of the Glue Product design product sprints framework workflow followed by the Glue design, strategy and research team to deliver high-end client projects
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