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Leanne Morrissey - Client Services Manager @ Glue
Leanne Morrissey
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Elevating customer experiences: Glue partners with Holland & Barrett

Birmingham, UK – Glue, the distinguished digital product design studio celebrated for its transformative user experiences, is delighted to announce its strategic collaboration with Holland & Barrett, a leading health and wellness retailer. This exciting partnership aims to seamlessly merge physical and digital interactions, reinforcing Holland & Barrett's omnichannel presence and elevating customer engagement to new heights. This collaborative endeavour underscores Glue's and Holland & Barrett's shared commitment to revolutionising user interactions in the health and wellness industry through innovative digital solutions.

Engagement scope

The scope of the partnership encompasses the following objectives.

  • Creating a Compelling Digital Proposition: developing a captivating digital offering within the retail environment to enrich customer interactions and provide a seamless shopping experience.
  • Launching a Cholesterol Kit: introducing a new product, the cholesterol kit, to cater to the health needs of customers, expanding Holland & Barrett's product range.
  • Expanding Product Description Page (PDP) Content: enhancing the digital shopping experience by enriching product information and descriptions, aiding customers in

"We're thrilled to partner with Holland & Barrett on this journey of digital transformation," stated Leanne Morrissey, Client Services Manager at Glue. "Our expertise in crafting user-centric experiences aligns perfectly with Holland & Barrett's vision to provide an elevated omnichannel experience, enabling them to better connect with their customers."

Glue's extensive experience in creating transformative digital solutions positions them as an ideal collaborator for Holland & Barrett's digital enhancement initiatives. The partnership signifies a shared commitment to crafting solutions that resonate with users, drive impactful outcomes, and elevate the overall customer experience.

About Holland & Barrett

Holland & Barrett is a renowned health and wellness retailer known for its comprehensive selection of products catering to a wide range of health needs. With a prominent presence in the industry, Holland & Barrett has earned a reputation for offering high-quality health supplements, natural remedies, organic foods, and beauty products. Committed to promoting a holistic approach to well-being, the company has become a go-to destination for individuals seeking products that support their physical and mental wellness.


About Glue

Glue is a distinguished digital product design studio celebrated for its innovative approach to crafting transformative user experiences. With a passion for enhancing digital interactions, Glue collaborates with forward-thinking partners to design and implement solutions that resonate with users and drive impactful outcomes.

To explore the depth of this project and Glue's design capabilities, visit the complete project portfolio at Glue's Official Website.


For inquiries, collaborations, or to embark on a journey of digital innovation, please reach out to leanne@weareglue.studio.

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