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Leanne Morrissey - Client Services Manager @ Glue
Leanne Morrissey
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BUILT/ engages Glue for transformative brand development and seamless customer experience

Birmingham, UK – Glue, the distinguished digital design agency known for its innovative approach to crafting transformative user experiences, is pleased to announce its strategic partnership with Built/, the UK's leading modern-day builders merchant. BUILT/ is on a mission to redefine the trade retail experience and break away from traditional norms. Glue's innovative approach to digital design and transformation aligns perfectly with BUILT/'s vision for revolutionising the industry.

Engagement scope

In this transformative project, Glue and BUILT/ will collaborate on:

  • Navigating Market Entry Challenges: as a newcomer in a market dominated by established competitors, including its parent company, the Travis Perkins Group, and its 26 brands, BUILT/ sought to carve its unique niche.
  • Seamless Omnichannel Integration: with ambitions to transform into an omnichannel business, BUILT/ aimed to deliver consistent customer experiences across digital and physical touchpoints.
  • Strategic Brand Development: BUILT/ recognized the need to build a strong market presence and sought a strategic partner to guide them through brand development, ensuring alignment with their vision.

This collaboration marks a significant milestone in BUILT/'s journey to overcome market entry hurdles and establish itself as a prominent player. With Glue's expertise in transformative design and customer experience, BUILT/ is poised to reshape the competitive landscape and offer customers a seamless blend of online and offline interactions.

In a statement, Glue's Client Services Manager, Leanne Morrissey, emphasised, "We're eagerly looking forward to collaborating with BUILT/ on this transformative project. Our expertise in crafting transformative user experiences is a perfect match for BUILT/'s innovative aspirations. Through this partnership, we aim to elevate BUILT/'s brand, create an unmatched customer experience, and establish a strong market presence."

About Built/

BUILT/ stands at the forefront of the builder's merchant industry, driven by a vision to modernise and enhance the trade retail experience. As a pioneer in the sector, BUILT/ is determined to reshape norms and deliver a seamless customer journey that aligns with the evolving service industry landscape.

About Glue

Glue is a distinguished digital product design studio celebrated for its innovative approach to crafting transformative user experiences. With a passion for enhancing digital interactions, Glue collaborates with forward-thinking partners to design and implement solutions that resonate with users and drive impactful outcomes.

To explore the depth of this project and Glue's design capabilities, visit the complete project portfolio at Glue's Official Website


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