What is a design system?

Billy Clarke - Managing Director @ Glue
Billy Clarke
  • Delivery Director
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Employees and customers choose to engage with your brand in an evermore varied way. We look into what a design system is and what it can do for your business.

In short, a design system is a collection of collatable components. A design system provides you guidance on user experience patterns and visual style. It creates consistency and reduces the time for your project pipeline. A design system allows your team to focus on core business objectives and not get busied with fictitious visual problems.

  • Visualisation of some key design components and guidelines designed by Glue for the Construction manager platform provided by Eque2 named Construction Cloud
  • The design system for Three's digital ticketing system

Design systems for your business

Design systems are more than just what we see. It’s how design should be talked about within your business. A design system is for everyone within your brand; executive members, managers, doers and everyone in between. As we’re seeing in every product and service industry, design is becoming key for your business.

Google, Apple, Shopify, and even GOV.UK have implemented their own design systems. These design systems are extremely interesting as they have been achieved at such a grand scale. The time and investment into creating a repeatable component-based system now allow them to tackle other more concerning problems. All businesses have similar woes; design systems help provide solutions for them.

Creating a design system takes time. It needs to touch upon every aspect of your business. Everyone is required to accept, adopt and adapt it. It’s a fluid beast that continuously evolves as your business grows. By developing a design system you will increase productivity and collaboration, and improve quality, consistency, and accessibility.

Design Systems framework

We have developed our battel-tested framework for creating design systems for our clients. It allows them to quickly and effectively create new pages whilst maintaining a consistent experience. Doing business is difficult at the best of times. A design system reduces friction and allows you to focus on the core objectives. Their success is down to the agility enabled down through the business from the top.


At Glue, we help businesses bridge the gap between design and development. We create design systems and seamlessly integrate them into your DNA, getting buy-in at every level of your organisation. Speak to us to implement a design system that drives impetus for your brand.

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