Great employees make businesses future-proof

Billy Clarke - Managing Director @ Glue
Billy Clarke
  • Delivery Director
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Build a disruptive brand for the future through your employee experience.

Experience is hugely important for your business. Many brands over the last decade have poured their heart and soul into perfecting their user and customer experiences. Much focus has been on mitigating those times your experience is poor and equally, delighting you when it's great with products, services, and automated communication. When it comes to these two experiences, brands really try: hooray for customers. However, there seems to be one lacking experience pushed forward by brands; that is, the employee experience.

Simply put, the employee experience is what happens when an employee interacts with your brand. From becoming employed, their accomplishments, and interactions with your customers, right through to when they move on. That’s how we loosely describe an employee experience. Until recent times, many business leaders have allowed the focus on employee experience to slip. It’s understandable, building and running a business is ferocious work that takes immense time and effort. However, with the advancements in digital and technology as a whole, there are new ways to deliver exemplary employee experiences. The key is knowing how.

Technology and digital impetus

Technology should drive change and by doing so, your brand will gain valuable digital impetus. Through this you can engage, inspire and empower your employees, creating a place where people want to work. The war for talent is fierce. More and more, business owners are realising that it’s in their own interest to help employees achieve their goals. By making work-life better you reduce employee turnover, retaining knowledge within your business whilst improving their quality of life. It’s just one simple ingredient for happy employees.

It’s important for us to remember that there is more to these changes than just technology. Having the technology in place it doesn’t necessarily mean that they will be implemented tomorrow. Changes brought on by technology are inevitable and they will keep coming, but a lot more must happen aside from simply bouncing ideas. We aren’t going to wake up tomorrow and all of a sudden be living in a whole new world; these things take time.


At Glue, we believe in The Promised Land, which is a true one-brand experience. As a concept, it is the singular brightest star in the sky. It guides you and everyone in your business to a brighter future. It’s the epitome of what you want to deliver to the world. From your employees, right through to your customers, and back again, everything becomes consistent. Employee experience is just the first step that radiates through the rest of your brand to your customers. It carries great importance and is invaluable to get right.

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