Duty to Your Consumers

Aimee Wilcox - UX Researcher @ Glue
Aimee Wilcox
  • UX Researcher
  • 2 min read

Duty to Your Consumers: Ensuring Accessibility Across Digital Products

In this report, we’ll navigate the upcoming needs of the Consumer Duty Act 2023 and the wider-reaching regulatory landscapes of the UK, EU, and US for accessibility. As we delve into the challenges faced by various companies serving consumers with disabilities, we’ll explore innovative tools to mitigate these issues, strategies to elevate customer experience, and tactical input for digital product design.

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Contents of the report:

  • From Alarm to Opportunity - Compliance, inclusivity, and strategic advantage in your digital products;
  • Decoding the Landscape - Insights, challenges, and opportunities in the realm of digital accessibility;
  • The Consumer's Voice - Insights and the digital accessibility journey;
  • Performance Showdown - Benchmarking accessibility across digital landscapes;
  • The Cost of Not - The legal implications of overlooking inclusivity and accessibility;
  • Magic Gifts - Transforming accessibility challenges into opportunities for all;
  • Leading the Charge - Navigating the duty to consumers with accessible digital products.
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