Our Values

People make the difference.

The journey can be overshadowed by the destination, and its often a dark place to be.

This is why we put emphasis on enjoying the journey. Weโ€™re a values-based culture and believe we can build a community around shared beliefs and principles, building a sustainable foundation for our organisation, and our people.

Picture of the Client Service Manager and the Head of Design from Glue collaborating together around a laptop in a meeting room


Weโ€™ve built an extensive Wellbeing program to develop emotional intelligence across the business, designed to shape a sustainable positive mindset and an authentic leadership culture. This program dives deep into topics such as:

  • Building Resilience and Self-care
  • Practising Positive Self-talk
  • Maintaining Morale and Optimism
  • Practising Active Listening
  • Understanding Behaviours and Mindsets
  • Managing Habit Change
  • Understanding a Positive Vocabulary
  • Blockers and Enablers of Creative Thinking
  • Rewarding Yourself

Professional development also plays a big part in Wellbeing, we believe our people donโ€™t work for us, they work for themselves. Which is why we need to provide them with a motive, a mission, a vision to work towards. This appears in many forms, from our overall mission statement and how we communicate that, career development frameworks for management or individual contributor routes, to technical training and development.

We also canโ€™t mention Wellbeing without promoting physical health, which is why we encourage, plan, incentivise, and reward many different physical and dietary initiatives throughout the year as part of our cultural development framework.


As previously mentioned, we believe that true cultures are born authentically through core beliefs systems, rather than managed outcomes. Trust is an anchor for authenticity, but trust is gained rather than trained. We believe the base component for trust is Honesty.

Once Honesty is embedded into the culture, other behaviours are organically born and bred, rather than controlled.

Like our Wellbeing program, we have a series of deep dive training programs specifically designed to help our people develop intelligence on how to identify, practice, and value these principles, such as:

  • Maintaining Privacy and Discretion
  • Reflecting and Responding Constructively
  • Listening to Feedback and Learning Acceptance
  • Value of being Straightforward and Exercising Tact
  • Implications of Exaggerating and Embellishing


Without dismissing technical and career development, Professionalism plays a significant part in our people development program. Professionalism doesnโ€™t only set expectations and standards on how we engage with clients, but it plays a critical role in positively influencing everything around it.

Our Professional Development program is designed to continually develop intelligence around behavioural frameworks in a professional environment, building toolkits, empathy, and a code of conduct to which governs our practices:

  • Handling Difficult Conversations
  • Directive and Non-directive Leadership
  • Understanding Team Dynamics
  • Managing Change and Transition
  • Understanding Boundaries
  • Identifying Toxic Behaviours
  • Culture of Customer Excellence
  • Effective Time Management
  • Developing Confidence and Authority
  • Presentation and Negotiating Skill

To round this off, we have a Value Appreciation scheme where our people are encouraged to identify and acknowledge when we practise our core values, inside and outside of work. This forms part of our incentivisation system and when we hit a threshold, the whole team is rewarded.