Our Mission

Ensuring our future is as bright as our past.

  • The Uniqlo kiosk is in situ within the Oxford St store in London
  • An image showing a laptop, on the screen is a car insurance quote. There is a cat curled up next to the laptop
  • An image of two hands holding a mobile phone which shows the screen where you input your delivery address

Glue began with one simple mission: to deliver best-in-class customer experiences. But weโ€™ve matured, and our new-found mission considers the best possible business model for our clients, and our people. ๐ŸŒณ

  • Four head-shots of Glue employees smiling at the camera. Leanne is the CSM, Aimee is a Researcher, Leigh is a Designer, Billy is the Director.
  • Two head-shot pictures of Dave the Glue Head of Design, and of Romaric, Glue Operation Manager
  • A user experience researcher Aimee and the Director of Glue Billy collaborating together around a wooden table in a meeting room.

Introducing three levers for accountability
and fostering business growth

We know who we are

We believe in our people, culture, and ability to deliver exceptional work. We invest equally in all three, believing one is impossible without the other. Weโ€™re a values-based business that embraces authenticity, but is also driven by commercialism, efficiency, and professionalism.

Diagram on a black background showcasing how Glue People focused strategy leads to better culture and exceptional work

We know where we are going

We want to be the best at everything we do and will continually strive for perfection as we pursue our strategy of:

  • Driving strategy-led growth and innovation
  • Maintaining profitability and a commercial focus
  • Investing in people and building an authentic culture
Diagram on black background showcasing the infinite growth loop of the Design studio Glue, how People and culture development care leads to growth, innovation and profitability

We know what is important

To reach our goals, we must excel in these areas:

  • Vision, Mission, and Values: We must know who we are, what weโ€™re building, why weโ€™re building it, and how weโ€™re building it.
  • Centre of Excellence: We must be the most competitive in ability, quality, and value in all the markets we compete in.
  • People and Culture: We must recruit the best people, provide the right support, and provide a platform to thrive.
White diagram on a black background of 3 circles, each representing a different focus around Vision, People and Excellence, all overlapping where Glue stands for.

We remain focused on self-improvement, building an authentic culture that values people, while honing our skills to continually deliver value to our customers.

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